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Corona GIS Webinar 7.5.2020 at 13.00 (Helsinki, Finland, EEST, UTC+3)

You are currently viewing Corona GIS Webinar 7.5.2020 at 13.00 (Helsinki, Finland, EEST, UTC+3)

Interesting and up-to-date information on the importance of spatial data in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. This webinar is organized by GeoForum Finland, a cooperation body of geospatial professionals in Finland.

13:00 Opening words, Juha Saarentaus, GeoForum Finland fasilitator
13:05 Keynote: Jerker Moström Statistics Sweden (SCB) reports on the experience of the Health Authority and Statistics in a joint effort to produce geospatial analyzes in this crisis.
Jerker Moström is a geographer and geospatial expert in Statistics Sweden working with geospatial soulutions and land use statistics. 
Statistics Sweden is providing support to the Public Health Agency (PHA) in their work to better understand how the covid-19 infection is spread and what measures could be effective to slow down the spread. The first step of collaboration has been to enrich micro data on diseased and dead from the PHA with background variables from a number of registers hosted by Statistics Sweden (such as housing conditions, occupation, country of origin, number and age of children etc etc). The second step is to assist in analysing the socio-spatial context around the diseased and dead. This entails use of fine grained geocoded micro data and different types of clustering methods. The final, and more experimental step, is use of mobile network data to monitor mobility patterns in the country. As data is very sensitive, strict data protection and privacy protocols apply and data will only be used for the purpose of the work of PHA.
13:30 Tuuli Toivonen tells about the importance of different data sources. She is an associate professor of geoinformatics at the University of Helsinki. Her research team, Digital Geography Lab, makes extensive use of a variety of data sources from mobile data to social media data in human movement research.
13:50 Sampo Pasanen Reaktor Finland Oy’s CEO reports on the situation of the Ketju- application development.
14:00 Tiia Palvimo from Telia shares thoughts on how to make better decisions with real understanding of the people flow insights.
14:15 Conclusion and discussion