Digital Building Permit conference 2024


Digitalisation of building permits was detected as the critical knot to be solved, in order to pave the way towards massive digitalisation in the construction industry, and to enable the potential of automation and optimisation in the management of building and city data.

The topic has being developing for a couple of years and now some mature solutions start to be available. Moreover, some important cross-border (e.g. European) projects as well as other local initiatives are currently running and can present their results.

Therefore, the EUnet4DBP, together with several relevant organisations, is organising the “Second International Conference on Digital Building Permit” to dive into the current status of research, developments and implementations, and to provide the opportunity for several digital building permit actors to meet and discuss.

Multidisciplinarity and inter-sectoral collaboration are key to solve the multifaceted and complex challenge of building permit digitalisation. Therefore, the conference will be structured to host several different kinds of contributions and activities, from research to implementations, with a relevant part reserved to users and stakeholders, in order to investigate the challenges of the solutions’ uptake.


  • Share progress all over Europe and the World
  • Engage policy developers and regulators
  • Show benefits and the value of building permit digitalisation through concrete examples
  • Share solutions and components from several developers
  • Encourage municipalities to bring their points of view and expertise
  • Tackling the remaining outstanding problems and challenges
  • Legal aspects discussion
  • Share developments and experiences about data and technology for digital building permits


18. - 19.04.2024


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Barcelona COAC
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