FinDrone Conference 2024

FinDrones 2024 – Drones in Logistics, Safety, Agriculture and Forestry

Findrones 2024 is an international conference scheduled for November 6-7, 2024, in Oulu, Finland. This event gathers drone experts from around the world to explore the potential of drones in various fields and address scientific and technical challenges related to their use. The conference will feature keynote speeches from top industry experts, presentations of new products and services from companies, and opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees from research organizations, companies, and end-users of drone technology.

Findrones 2024 will continue the tradition of previous conferences, such as Findrones 2023, which focused on the application of drones in bioeconomy and rural logistics. These events are known for their comprehensive programs that include expert talks, matchmaking sessions, and exhibitions of cutting-edge drone technologies and applications​.


06. - 07.11.2024


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