Science-Policy-Practice afternoon Wednesday 30.8. – IBFRA Conference 2023

Forest science-policy-practice interactive afternoon  

How to enhance science-policy-practice dialogue? What practice gains from novel research findings and scientific innovations? 

Wednesday 30.8. at 12:00 – 17:15 in Little Finlandia (Kelo Hall). 

Registration fee for Science-Policy-Practice afternoon is 92€. Please register to the afternoon via this form.  Registration is open until August 18th. If you have registered for the IBFRA 2023 Conference, the price of this afternoon is incluced in your registration fee. 


12:00 – 13:15  Lunch 

13:15 – 15:00 Knowledge exchange towards sustainability transformation in forests 

  • Challenges of climate resilience in forest management (Raisa Mäkipää, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Conference Chair, IBFRA Vice President)
  • Climate change and forest management driving forest composition, structure and productivity (Florian Kraxner, IIASA, IBFRA President)
  • TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS – A platform for science and business to collaborate on tackling climate change (Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director)
  • Regenerative forestry actions aiming to make Finnish forests increasingly vibrant and diverse (Timo Lehesvirta, Metsä Group, Leading Nature Expert)
  • Biodiversity roadmap developed by wood processing industry (Anniina Kostilainen, The Finnish Sawmills Association, Manager of Public Relations)
  • Interactive panel discussion on how to enhance researcher-practitioner interaction towards more agile research impact (Moderators: Teppo Hujala, University of Eastern Finland, and Sari Pynnönen, Natural Resources Institute Finland)
  • Closing: Raisa Mäkipää

15:00 – 15:30  Coffee break

15:30 -17:15 Sensor technology and forest gamification demos

  • Intro: Opportunities of upcoming smart sensors in forest data acquisition (Antero Kukko, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI)
  • Getting familiar and trying out the following technologies:
    • Gamified point cloud collection from the environment; Timo Nummenmaa (Tampere University) and Tuomas Yrttimaa (University of Eastern Finland)
    • Engaging with climate change in virtual reality; Daniel Fernández Galeote (Tampere University)
    • Sustainability supply chain educational game; Ville Uhlgren (Tampere University)
    • Demonstration of greenhouse gas measurements with portable gas analyzer; Luke team
    • Backpack laser scanner; Antero Kukko (Finnish Geospatial Research Institute) and Mikko Vastaranta (University of Eastern Finland)
    • Single-tree information system Metsä; FGI team & Ville Kankare (University of Eastern Finland)
  • Interactive ideation and feedback (Moderators: Tuulikki Halla, University of Eastern Finland, and Tiina M. Nieminen, Natural Resources Institute Finland)
    • How to enhance research impact with interaction? Reflections on the demo experiences? How to assess soil properties and health?
  • Closing




12:00 - 17:15

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